The Horse Riding Coach

Terms & Conditions

Horse riding is a risky and potentially dangerous sport and although all care will be taken, accidents can happen. Therefore, it is highly recommend that all riders have personal accident and liability cover. Liz Horner is a British Horse Society registered instructor which includes not only confirmation of professional qualifications and a code of conduct but also instructor and groom insurance (by South Essex Insurance Brokers), a CRB check and an up-to-date first aid qualification.

If an incident does occur, an accident report form will be filled in either on the day or as soon as reasonably possible following such an event. Liz has the right to stop a session in the interests of safety to the horse or rider.

All riders (or parent/ legal guardian if under 16 years) must fill in emergency contact details and disclose any medical problems that may affect their riding during sessions, including the location of any emergency medication if needed.

During sessions, riders are expected to wear a correctly fitted and secured current BSI standard hard hat and suitable foot wear that has a heel. A body protector and gloves are also recommended, especially if jumping.

It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that all tack is fitted correctly and in good condition.

Lessons will occur in all weathers. However, if the weather is severe (very heavy rain/ high winds/ snow) then sessions may be postponed BUT only if agreed in advance via a phone conversation BEFORE Liz sets off for the location of the session.

Lessons must be paid for at the time of the session. Block booking of sessions (two or more) may be paid for in advance with a cheque, but single sessions must be paid for in cash.

It is up to the rider to provide a safe and suitable area for all sessions and cover any cost for the hire of said training area if required.

In the interests of child protection, all children (under 16 years) must be accompanied by an adult. For under 16’s the contact details and medical declaration must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian and will be taken as parental consent.