Are you nervous handling or riding your horse? Or do you suffer from competition nerves or hate jumping specific fences (eg ditches, tables)? If the answer is ‘yes’ please read on!

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a powerful tool that utilizes a range of methods to change how people cope under such stressful situations, making them put those negative, demoralising thoughts to one side and focus on positive, uplifting thoughts. The different techniques employed by me include the use of language, anchoring techniques, swish and visualisation patterns often alongside hypnosis. By harnessing the power of the mind to produce positive rather than negative thoughts, we can improve personal performance by generating a positive circle of success rather than the negative, viscous circle of doubt. By training the mind we allow the rider to enter a ‘positive zone’ immediately and whenever they feel negative and allow them to perform at their best, no matter what the context (both on and off the horse and in other stressful times too).

‘I had riding lessons with Liz on my new horse Jester. I was petrified to mount without someone holding the horse, jesterand I was so afraid of canter that I held back on the reins and couldn’t master the transition. Liz has a calm and consistent manner, she’s very friendly and put me at ease very quickly. She talked me through some NLP and positive thinking techniques, which really helped to address my anxiety, and she allowed me to move at my own pace, challenging me without pushing me beyond a comfortable boundary. She will break down techniques to make
them easy to understand, so you are not flooded with too much information and you can practice between lessons. In just 7 months I’m now confidently cantering, jumping and galloping, and I’m genuinely learning new skills in the school rather than simply managing my anxiety.’


As a fellow horse rider I understand the needs of clients. Indeed I suffered from a crisis of confidence when preparing for my Stage 3 BHS jumping exams. In despair I turned to self-hypnosis and NLP techniques. I realised how powerful these techniques can be and passed my exams with flying colours! If you decide that you need my help, please contact me about the different packages I can offer. Most of the sessions would be performed off the horse in a mutually convenient, comfortable place that allows you to totally relax and give 100% concentration to the techniques. Be prepared to come with an open mind, work hard and you must be determined to change!