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Welcome to ‘Liz Horner Riding Lessons’. Liz is a BHS registered, fully insured, Freelance Riding instructor based in the Selby/ Goole area of North Yorkshire. Liz is able to coach any grass roots rider whether an occasional happy hacker or serious competitor (in any discipline) and specialises in novice or nervous riders. If you are struggling with nerves, Liz also offers off and on the horse mindset & confidence coaching techniques (visit for more details).

Confused what a half halt means?SDC10594 web

Frustrated that you can’t work your horse in a consistent outline without lots of gadgets?

Afraid of jumping?

Fed up of instructors that just shout and never listen?

Frightened of asking those silly questions and never really understanding?

My aim is to give instruction that is a little different, being a patient instructor that will take you and your horse back to basics using the ‘Scales of Training’, allowing you to work together as a team, as highlighted my some of my clients:

‘Liz has been teaching me for over two years now and I have seen a positive improvement in my horse which shows the lessons are paying off! I can recommend Liz to anyone wanting to improve their own riding. Her best quality is that she doesn’t see the need to shout. In a world full of harsh riding instructors, Liz is a calm, friendly and reliable instructor who is aware that riding is a hobby to me and gives me tailor-made lessons, keeping the fun element within the lessons.’


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‘I have had riding lessons from Liz for three years and can now confidently jump at local shows. I find Liz’s style of teaching to be very calm. She is not afraid to take the rider back to complete basics and break things down into bite-sized, easy to understand chunks. Her manner is quiet that keeps both horse and rider confident to try new things. Liz has a way of handling people that enables one to ask very basic questions without feeling stupid. Her lessons are fun and she doesn’t mind if you get the giggles.’


All levels of riders / horses taken for flatwork/ dressage/ jumping. Also available for schooling/ holiday cover.

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