The Horse Riding Coach


SDC10584Types of lessons can be flatwork/ dressage, jumping (if facilities permit this), preparation for a show or lungeing – it really is up to you! I am happy to ride your horse during your lessons, if we both feel that this is of benefit. However, I try not to make this a regular thing, after all, you are wanting lessons to improve yourself and your horse not just watch someone else ride! If you would like your horse regularly schooled by me, please enquire.

2024 prices are:

£30 or £25 per private session* depending on timing of lesson (please get in touch for more details)

£20 per person for a semi-private session* (two people in a lesson), either half an private each or one hour together

£10 per person for a group session* (three or four people)

*  I charge per session as costs of transport to your stables is included in the price & doesn’t change no matter how long a lesson. The time you want for a lesson is up to you (up to an hour), but usually will be about 30 to 45 minutes for a private session and an hour for a semi-private or group lesson. I am also prepared to work through problems that may take longer one day compared to another. The first assessment lesson usually takes a full hour.